Larry Blight, a local Menang man, talks to students of Flinders Park Primary about Menang culture. Larry demonstrates tool making in the Bush Tucker section of the Six Seasons Gardens.

He sits in the shelter – koornt and makes an axe - kotj by using fire – kaarla to heat and mould ground resin - miyan , charcoal - kob and kangaroo - yonga scat around a stick. He then adds sharp granite - boya and glass.

The Six Seasons Garden at Flinders Park Primary provides 6 outdoor classroom settings. Teachers and guest speakers can demonstrate topics relating to the Menang people of the Kinjaarling. Students learn about caring for Country and experience an oral tradition, learning by means of concrete, hands on activities. This approach provides a local and meaningful framework upon which to build understanding to themes and subjects covered in the regular classroom. Students gain understandings about interdependence and sustainability and their part in it; this way of experiential learning crosses boundaries and enables deep connection and understanding.

This outdoor classroom is used for a variety of learning tasks, examples of which can be located in the Six Seasons section of this webpage.