In May 2014 the process of letting a piece of land revegetate commenced. There was already a dozen She Oak which had self-seeded. Over time students have worked hard to revegetate the area with a number of local native plants.

What we did:

  1. Seeds were put into vermiculite.
  2. Smoke water was added to ½ litre of water.
  3. Water was added to vermiculite and shaken.
  4. Seeds were broadcast.

We planted the following species:

  • Casuarina Humilis
  • Xanthorrhoea Gracilis
  • Grass boy
  • Anigozanthus manglesii
  • Red/Green Kangaroo Paw
  • Acacia Acuminata
  • Acacia Iteaphylla
  • Quondons
  • Boronia Ramose
  • Dryandra Formosa
  • Showy Dryandra
  • Olearia Axillaris
  • Coastal dune daisy
  • Nuytsia Floribunda
  • Native Christmas Tree
  • Acacia Cyclops
  • Anigozanthus Humilis
  • Quolls paw (cat’s paw)
  • Xanthosa Rotundifolia
  • Southern Cross
  • Exocarpus Sparteus DJUK