During NAIDOC week the Noongar Seasons curtain project commenced in the Art Room. First Mrs Arnold sewed the curtains. Then students from classes across the school contributed to the creation, some mapping out the basic design, sticking dots onto the canvas, painting and finally peeling off the dots to reveal the pattern.

Families contributed to the finishing touches at Open Night 2016.

The curtains have an overall design of circles representing the Flinders Park Primary School community; the classrooms, office, library, Music, Science, Phys Ed, Art, Canteen are linked by lines or pathways to indicate the flow of our school community between these locations.

Each curtain is painted in the colour representing a Noongar season

  • Bunuru - orange
  • Birak - red
  • Djeran - green
  • Makuru - dark blue
  • Djilba - light blue
  • Kambarang – ochre

When the curtains were completed Mrs Harman sewed special tape onto the curtains and ironed them. Mr Clapp hung them in the Assembly area.

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in the creation of the curtains, which add colour to our Assembly area and remind us that we are interrelated; crossing lines and boundaries to bring connection and understanding.