Semester 1 Reports will be sent home with children next Wednesday 29 June. Please take some time to read through the reports with your child over the holidays and praise them for their achievements and improvements. Try to draw from them areas of their school work that they need to improve and set a couple of simple goals with them that they can work towards attaining next term.

Through proof reading processes, reports should have been sent home error free. If this is not the case please bring them back so we can re-print a corrected report. If there is any aspect of the report that you would like clarified or advice on how you can support your child to improve specific aspects please make an appointment through the office to meet with the teacher.

Visual Art Grades on Semester 1 Reports

You would be aware that Phase 1 of the WA Curriculum has now been implemented and schools are reporting on the four areas, English, Mathematics, Science and History.

The Arts (Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music and Media Arts) is one of the learning areas in the subsequent implementation phases. Visual Arts in the WA Curriculum focuses on some different aspects when compared to the previous art curriculum and comprises of Making (Ideas, skills, making, production), and Responding (Literacy, critical and creative thinking personal and social capability, intercultural understanding).

Effort is of significant importance in the art report as some students, whilst not having developed art processes, are giving their weekly art sessions their best shot. You may see some changes in your child’s grades and the report format has changed. If you have any specific concerns please make an appointment with Ms Sarah McNamara next term to discuss them with her.