Teachers are well underway in the completion of writing student reports for Semester 1. The reports will be sent home on Wednesday 29 June. The reporting template that is being used this semester will be familiar to many parents as we have been using it for the past five years. Pre-primary students will also receive a semester report.

All Western Australian schools must report on English, Mathematics and Science using the WA Curriculum and Assessment Outline. We will be reporting on Geography this semester and History next semester as part of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS).

There continues to be adjustments made to student achievement levels and because the new achievement standards are higher than what we previously reported against in some areas.

Teachers, as always, have spent considerable time reviewing your child’s progress and writing comments that describe what your child can do, celebrating their achievements and offering advice for improvements. As we move towards implementing the West Australian Curriculum teachers have made judgements about your child’s performance against the standard for your child’s year level.

The reports should not provide you with any surprises and be consistent with feedback teachers have provided to you over the semester or have viewed in their work books and activities. After reading your child’s report should you need clarification about any aspect of their report or you want to know how you can assist your child at home make improvements please make an appointment to see the class teacher early next term through the office.

Reports will not be available earlier than Wednesday 29 June due to the complexity of the task.