The good ship ‘Flinders’ sailed into port at the last assembly with a fierce looking crew of pirates and a dodgy cook! The pirates from Mrs Roggio’s Room 3.3 Year 3 class began cooking a questionable stew with traditional ingredients like tomatoes and capsicum.

What came next made the stew interesting: a salty old sock, the captain’s smelly underpants and the cook’s smelly t-shirt. While the ingredients were progressively added the crew chanted ‘Cook it long, cook it slow, cook it til they’ll never know what’s in it’. The cook dished up the stew singing ‘Lucky they don’t know what’s in it!’

To round off their assembly Room 3.3 sang a rowdy version of the shanty song, ‘What Shall We Do With A Drunken Pirate’ to an appreciative audience. Congratulations, Room 3.3.

Congratulations to students who were awarded Merit Certificates at the last assembly acknowledging their ability to follow the SAILS behaviour framework particularly for achievement, effort and improvement - well done.

Mrs Parkey’s Year 6 Room 5.4 class will be hosting the next assembly tomorrow Thursday 9 June 2016 from 8:50 am in the Assembly Hall – all family and friends are invited to attend and support students in their performances and presentations.

Faction Cross Country

With the severe weather warning in place yesterday it was decided to postpone the Faction Cross Country to this Friday 10 June. The events will be run in the same order of events as previously advertised. The forecast does predict some showers on the day.

Golden Frisbee 2016

Each year Ms Menegola trials Frisbee throwing as part of her physical education program. Over a series of trials the longest thrower from each class in year 4-6 is selected for the Frisbee throw off known as the Golden Frisbee. The event was held last Thursday and with a throw of 45 metres Lachlan has become the Golden Frisbee Champion for 2016 – well done Lachlan.


The P&C Canteen Manager Ms Sharon Percy recently made me aware that a number of children are presenting $20 and $50 notes to purchase items from the canteen. In each case parents/caregivers have been contacted and in most instances the children should not have had the money at school. Please be advised that this is a standard practice to contact parents/caregivers if children present large sums of money to the canteen. At assembly last week I also spoke to children about not buying treats for ‘friends’ as we have a policy not to share food.

New Signage

Have you noticed the new signage we have added along the main verandah linking Blocks 1,5,2,3 and 4, also the library. There is also some new signage on the Assembly Hall and a signpost near the administration building. Hopefully the signage will make it easier for new students and their families and visitors to navigate their way around the school.

Interschool Cross Country Carnival

Albany Primary School is hosting the annual interschool cross country carnival this year. The carnival will again be held at Percy Spencer Race Course on Tuesday 21 June from 10:00am. We wish our team from years 4-6 all the best - Goooo..Flinders!