Vale Alison Prince 

Sadly, Alison Prince, one of our long-serving teachers, passed away on Monday 16 May.

Alison who retired in July 2014 will be remembered as a very committed teacher who made a difference to many students, particularly those struggling to learn.

She shared her passion for learning and knowledge with students. Alison had a strong interest in literacy and built on students? literacy foundations. She was a strong advocate for virtues and was one of the staff who introduced a virtues program (Social Interaction Program) into Flinders Park Primary School culture. The Flinders Student virtues are developed from this program. She was always looking out for students who were socially and emotionally challenged. Alison will be remembered as a well respected teacher and colleague.


Room 5.3 took us back to the 1950s with an adaptive version of the fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood, called “Little Red Rocking Hood” by Jeffrey Leask. A hip-hop, upbeat story about a rock-n-rock girl, Red Rocking Hood, who is pursed by a Wolfe O?Malley to be her manager. Granny operated a soda-shop. Mr Wolfe ended up being sent to gaol. It was very well adapted by Mrs Davies and the students of Room 5.3, with great costumes and props. Well done for the fantastic assembly item by Room 5.3.

Congratulations to students who were awarded Merit Certificates acknowledging their ability to follow the school agreements and doing their personal best through improvement or achievement - well done.

Mrs Roggio's Year 3 Room 3.3 class will be hosting tomorrow?s assembly (Thursday 26 May 2016) from 8:50am in the Assembly Hall – all family and friends are invited to attend and support students in their performances and presentations.

New Face in the School Office

Mrs Nat Cordon will be in the school office relieving for the next five weeks on Mondays and Fridays as Mrs Jacinta (Jac) Whiting is on long service leave. Mrs Cordon has been office relief at various times in the past two years.

Sports Timer Donation

Lower King and Bayonet Head Progress Association kindly donated $700 at their last meeting to enable the school to purchase a stop watch with built in printer to assist recording times for various sporting events such as cross country. The timer has been purchased and is in use recording times in the lead up to the cross-country faction carnival in Week 7.

No Smoking on School Grounds including Parking Areas and Driveways

All parents/caregivers and community members are reminded that the Department of Education has a „No Smoking? rule covering all buildings, parking areas and grounds. The roadways into the school and parking areas are all part of Flinders Park Primary School as they are owned by the Department of Education and therefore come under this requirement of entry. Sitting in cars smoking is not permitted in these areas. Remember it is unlawful to smoke in cars with child passengers.

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data for School Students with Disability

Our school is part of a national project about students with disability and/or learning difficulties.

We have been asked to provide data about the number and learning needs of children at our school. The name of the school and the name of the students will not be reported. Information about the different types of needs and the programs and resources the school uses to overcome barriers and support children with special educational needs will be collected.

We believe it is important to contribute to this because it will help Governments and the Department develop better policies that acknowledge the level of resources needed in schools to meet the needs of all students in Western Australia.

If you would like to learn more about the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data for School Students with Disability you can visit this website: