I’m going on a holiday! Should I inform the school?

In its simplest form, yes, it would be common courtesy to inform the school to let us know that your child is away.

This allows the communication to be maintained between parents and the school, in case events occur during the child’s absence or information needs to be passed on prior to your child leaving for holidays.

Keeping an open approach to communication is one of our school goals, and we would hope that parents would also support us with this.

While Department of Education policy expects students to be at school unless they are sick. We recognise that sometimes holidays are difficult to organise to occur during school official term breaks, due to work constrains. We ask parents to please communicate appropriately to the school if they will be going on a holiday.

Please communicate to the principal, Mr Richard Bushell, either by verbal, email, letter or fax, that you are going on a holiday and the period of time. Mr Bushell may wish to discuss this further with you, for reasons such as poor attendance.