There has been much media discussion and public comment condemning increasing violence that public officers such as police, nurses, doctors, government officers and teachers are being subjected to. No one comes to work to be the subject of verbal abuse or violence. All staff have a duty of care to students and we certainly do not want upset and angry people coming into the school making threats or being violent in front of them.

We actively encourage children at Flinders Park Primary School to follow five simple rules (Show respect, achieve their best, include and care, listen attentively and stay safe) and encourage everyone to model them to students. The need for people to show respect, listen attentively and include and care are key behaviours in resolving disputes. We need all visitors and parents to the school to model these while in the school. We have adopted a no tolerance to violence in our school and seek your support in strengthening this message within the community. Police will be called to intervene in all matters of violence, antisocial or unlawful behaviour.

My advice to anyone who is angry or upset about any matter connected to the school is that you give yourself time to ‘cool down’ before making any approach to the school. Write down the key aspects of the matter and make an appointment to see the appropriate person in the school. Do not make verbal threats or become angry during the meeting if things do not appear to be going as you expected. Ask for the name of the staff member’ line manager so you can rationally discuss the matter with them to avoid becoming abusive or angry. I am confident that following this advice will maintain our school as a safe place for everyone.