Welcome to the new school year. A warm welcome is extended to all new students and their families. We hope that you are made to feel welcome and find Flinders Park Primary School to be a warm, friendly and safe school where relationships are valued, developed and fostered. 

The 2016 school year has commenced in a flurry of activity. In the previous week as we had a number of tradesmen working on air conditioning, completing classroom dividing walls, repairs to paths and paving repairs. This challenged the cleaning staff as many rooms were inaccessible and in turn made it difficult for a number of teachers in organising their classrooms. Fortunately everything came together and most classes began the year in clean, well-organised classrooms. Our school gardener Mr Clapp has worked tirelessly over the Christmas holidays and I’m sure you will agree that the grounds are looking very inviting.

We presently have 445 students enrolled; slightly less than last year. There are a number of pressure points across the school in pre-primary, year 2 and year 3 with classes full or close to full in these years. After checking opening enrolments I have decided to start the year under the present structure. If we gain more enrolments in these years it may trigger a restructure during the year and I will ensure you are well communicated about the changes if this does occur.

I look forward to sharing with you the many successes and achievements that our students will attain over the year in subsequent Navigators.

Principal on Leave

I would like to acknowledge and thank Mr Fielding for the great work he completed leading the school while I was on long service leave in Term 4 last year. Mr Senn and Mrs Rowett, supported by Mrs Scott, Mrs Whiting and Mrs Morgan, ably assisted Mr Fielding and with the considerable help of staff finished off 2015 solidly and positioned the school for a successful start this year. During my leave I dug a large hole in our back yard for a new shed and toured the east coast from Sydney to Melbourne and most of Tasmania. I return keen and looking forward to progressing our 2015-2017 Business Plan and making our school even better.

Staff Update

Ms McLennan (science specialist), Ms McNamara (art specialist) return from long service leave this term; Mr Breheny (classroom teacher) is on long service leave and intends retiring at the end of the term; Ms Squires (year 3 teacher) has returned from studying literacy and numeracy in Perth last year; Mrs Bunker is back from knee surgery and Mrs Michaelsen from shoulder surgery. Two early childhood job share arrangements are being finalised this week due to some late staffing changes. Over the year a number of staff will be taking long service leave to fulfil the Department’s direction requiring them to clear their leave by the end of the year.