Over the course of 2015 a voluntary representative committee of staff members, chaired by Mrs Roggio, met every two weeks after school to review our whole school behaviour plan. They set out to develop a clear set of school rules that everyone will be able to remember more easily than what we have previously had.

Congratulations to 15 families who have already paid their Voluntary Contributions for 2016. All families who have paid their Voluntary Contributions by the end of Term 1 will go into a draw to win a mystery prize.

The School Board sets the Voluntary Contributions each year within parameters determined by the School Education Act 1999.

There has been much media discussion and public comment condemning increasing violence that public officers such as police, nurses, doctors, government officers and teachers are being subjected to. No one comes to work to be the subject of verbal abuse or violence. All staff have a duty of care to students and we certainly do not want upset and angry people coming into the school making threats or being violent in front of them.

Welcome to the new school year. A warm welcome is extended to all new students and their families. We hope that you are made to feel welcome and find Flinders Park Primary School to be a warm, friendly and safe school where relationships are valued, developed and fostered.