I’m going on a holiday! Should I inform the school?

In its simplest form, yes, it would be common courtesy to inform the school to let us know that your child is away.

This allows the communication to be maintained between parents and the school, in case events occur during the child’s absence or information needs to be passed on prior to your child leaving for holidays.

World’s Greatest Shave for Leukaemia

Congratulations to Zane who raised $561.85 shaving his hair and raising funds for leukaemia. Zane was well supported by students across the school who gathered last Friday lunchtime to witness Zane having his head of hair shaved. $151.85 was raised at Flinders from sponsorship and gold coin donations.

The Physiotherapy Association recently wrote to schools with advice for parents in selecting school backpacks. The association advises that an overloaded or incorrectly worn backpack can cause shoulder, neck and back pain and become a major source of chronic pain.

National Red Balloon Day

Children from all classes got behind the spirit of Friday’s Red Balloon Day and donated a total of $ for the privilege of dressing casually in red. Children through their efforts raised funds for the Fire Brigade and said thank you for the efforts of firey’s over summer.

Over the course of 2015 a voluntary representative committee of staff members, chaired by Mrs Roggio, met every two weeks after school to review our whole school behaviour plan. They set out to develop a clear set of school rules that everyone will be able to remember more easily than what we have previously had.

Congratulations to 15 families who have already paid their Voluntary Contributions for 2016. All families who have paid their Voluntary Contributions by the end of Term 1 will go into a draw to win a mystery prize.

The School Board sets the Voluntary Contributions each year within parameters determined by the School Education Act 1999.

There has been much media discussion and public comment condemning increasing violence that public officers such as police, nurses, doctors, government officers and teachers are being subjected to. No one comes to work to be the subject of verbal abuse or violence. All staff have a duty of care to students and we certainly do not want upset and angry people coming into the school making threats or being violent in front of them.

Welcome to the new school year. A warm welcome is extended to all new students and their families. We hope that you are made to feel welcome and find Flinders Park Primary School to be a warm, friendly and safe school where relationships are valued, developed and fostered. 

Mrs Cook’s Room 3.1 class were fortunate to visit an art display by Aboriginal artists from Carnarvon featuring woven and cast metal artworks at the Residency Museum earlier this term. The class visited with Ms McNamara as she was successful in gaining a grant from Arts on the Move.

Our Eagles Cup football side returned to the winner’s circle last Tuesday when we hosted Spencer Park PS following a narrow loss to Denmark PS. A game between Great Southern Grammar the previous week was postponed to Tuesday 19 July due to severe weather conditions. The team has enjoyed strong parent support at all games this year and again they encouraged our players to perform at a high level.

Coach Damon O’Meara was very pleased with the improvements players have made in combining together, playing as a team and taking their opportunities when they were presented. Thanks also to Mr Fielding for assisting in my absence and Mr Darren Valli for umpiring. Final score Flinders Park 9 goals 16 points defeated Spencer Park PS 0 goals 1 point.