As part of the PBS (Positive Behaviour in Schools) S.A.I.L.S program, Flinders Park would like to trial some alternative designs for the school merit certificates. The competition is open to all students, parents, guardians and members of the Flinders Park community.

Semester 1 Reports will be sent home with children next Wednesday 29 June. Please take some time to read through the reports with your child over the holidays and praise them for their achievements and improvements. Try to draw from them areas of their school work that they need to improve and set a couple of simple goals with them that they can work towards attaining next term.

Spencer Park Dental Therapy Centre will be open for most of the July school holidays. We will be closed from Monday 11th July until Wednesday 13th July inclusive. If you child develops an urgent dental problem during this time please contact Mount Barker Dental Van on 0437 486 143 between 8am-4pm.

Teachers are well underway in the completion of writing student reports for Semester 1. The reports will be sent home on Wednesday 29 June. The reporting template that is being used this semester will be familiar to many parents as we have been using it for the past five years. Pre-primary students will also receive a semester report.

In past Navigators I have advised drivers of vehicles that the roads into the school and the main driveway belong to the Department of Education and all Department policies including no smoking on school grounds applies.

This week the deputy principal Steve Mounsey from Albany Senior High School will visit to speak to the year 6 students and what the they can look forward to as they transition to high school next year and how to enrol at Albany Senior High School.


The good ship ‘Flinders’ sailed into port at the last assembly with a fierce looking crew of pirates and a dodgy cook! The pirates from Mrs Roggio’s Room 3.3 Year 3 class began cooking a questionable stew with traditional ingredients like tomatoes and capsicum.

Congratulations to the Valli family for having their child's name drawn out at the last assembly and winning this amount in credit for incursions and excursions for the remainder of the year. To date 57% of Voluntary contributions have been paid. Two families have made generous donations to the school in addition to their Voluntary Contributions and we are very appreciative of their generosity.

At the Monday morning Junior Block meeting I observed an increase in the number of students who are wearing the correct school uniform, with over 90% of the Year 1 and 2 students in correct uniform.

Vale Alison Prince 

Sadly, Alison Prince, one of our long-serving teachers, passed away on Monday 16 May.

Alison who retired in July 2014 will be remembered as a very committed teacher who made a difference to many students, particularly those struggling to learn.