The students in Room 3.4 along with Mrs Briscoe and Mrs Hart have been working on their kindness and support of others in these uncertain times...

A selection of the clay sun moon inspired plaques from 3.3. These bright artworks have brightened everyone’s day.

A comic book created by a student and parent.

As part of Book Week 2019 students were asked to bring along a book that matched their costume.

Year four students have been working with Art Specialist Sarah McNamara to create their Six Seasons calendars during weekly art class. Striving for excellence, illustrating the bush tuckers of the Menang of the Kinjaarling with  scratch painting techniques. These art works will be displayed on the big screen in Yagan Square during the school holidays.

On Friday, 31st May, the Pre-primary children from Ms Michaelsen’s 1.4 and the Pre-primary/Year 1 children from Mrs Briscoe’s 2.2 attended the performance “Possum Magic”.

If you have children staring Kindergarten, Pre-primary or they are changing schools, come and see us about enrolling them.

We are now taking applications for enrolment.  You need to enrol for:

Did you know that there is an archive of newsletters and term planners on our website?

Amazing precision by the truck drivers and crane operators yesterday moving the two demountables from the early childhood area.

Welcome to the new school year. A warm welcome is extended to all new students and their families. We hope that you are made to feel welcome and find Flinders ParkPrimary School to be a warm, friendly and safe school where relationships are valued,developed and fostered.