Welcome to the Chaplain Page.

A chaplain cares for the social, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of students, families and staff. This support helps students achieve their potential, both academically and in their social and family lives.

Flinders Park Primary School is an Independent Public School that has a clear direction for the school, a strong focus on the early years, literacy and numeracy. The school prides itself in providing a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment for all children.

Welcome to the Flinders Park Primary School Website

At Flinders Park we are proud of our contemporary, evidence based teaching and learning program, our wonderful facilities and the care and support offered to our students and families.  

School Purpose

Our purpose is for each student to achieve their potential through a supportive school environment and a diverse learning program to cater for student needs.

The School Board consists of elected staff, parents and community members. They meet up to seven times a year in the conference room. Their min roll is to oversee the implementation of the Business Plan.

Each November students and staff are involved in the nomination and election process of four boys and four girls from Year 5 to be councillors for the following year.

We have a clear vision for our students to achieve their potential through a supportive school environment and a diverse learning program. Through the implementation of a strategic plan utilising whole school strategies, evidence based teaching and learning programs, targeting student needs, improvement targets and the development of quality teaching practices.

Flinders Park Primary School Council has an endorsed uniform policy consisting of a number of uniform items appropriate for students to wear whilst they are engaged in learning. It is considered to be affordable, practical and attractive. It is our requirement that all students wear clothing and accessories that are both practical and safe.

The Grounds Committee meets twice every term and consists of parents and staff members. It is a creative group that works hard to ensure Flinders Park Primary is a safe, practical and attractive place to be.

Our School Administration is open from 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday

Our school canteen is operated by a paid Canteen Manager and Canteen Committee. It relies heavily on volunteer help from parents and grandparents, so any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Our canteen is fully compliant with the government traffic light healthy food policy and offers a healthy range of nutritious food. The Canteen is open before school, morning recess and lunchtime Tuesday to Friday. If children are ordering their lunch, orders must be placed at the Canteen before school.

A list of Canteen items is sent home each term or is available from the Canteen. Lunch bags can also be collected from the Canteen.

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Our school song and music was written by Mrs Wendy Chaloner a former teacher at our school. We sing the song with pride at the conclusion of every assembly. All students are expected to learn and sing the song as it forms an important part of our school culture.

Our Parents and Citizens Association is made up of parents or guardians of children attending our school. The key purpose of our group is to support the school for the benefit of all students.

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 The school community nurse provides

  • Assessments of vision, hearing, growth and development, with parent consent, for all children at school entry (kindy and pre-primary).
  • Hearing, vision and growth assessments from Kindy to Year 6 on parent/teacher request.
  • Health information
  • Referral to other services and health professionals as needed
  • Assistance to staff and parents with school health care plans for their child
  • Training of school staff in health management and first aid
  • Health promotion information
  • Class based programs (e.g. Growth and development year 6).
  • Enuresis (bedwetting) program

If you would like to discuss any of the above or access our service please see reception staff for a referral form (to be completed by the parent) or ring the number below.

Karen Johnston -  School Community Nurse

Monday and Tuesday on 98427564

Flinders Park Primary School offers all years’ excursions and incursions throughout the year. Listed below are some of the programs offered to our students.

The library is open 4 days a week, Monday through to Thursday.

Library Opening Times:


8.15 AM—3.30PM



8.30 AM—3.30PM



8.30 AM—3.30PM



8.30 AM—3.30PM




The children are permitted to take home books for short term borrowing. The children are required to have a library bag in which to carry their books.

The Library runs two Book fairs a year (Term 2 & Term 4).  Parents, Grandparents, friends and students are all invited to come in and purchase the wonderful books on offer.  The money raised from the book fair provides valuable learning resources for our school.



  1. The Library is a Quiet place
  2. ALL children must have a Library bag
  3. A Library marker Must be used at all times when books are borrowed off shelves.
  4. All books must be returned properly to the shelves.
  5. No running in the Library
  6. No food or drinks

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Flinders Park Primary School has a strong focus on providing opportunities for parents and carers to connect with the school. We have a number of events and processes to support this.

Applications for enrolment are welcomed throughout the year. Flinders Park Primary School is a ‘local intake area’ school (contact FPPS or Albany Education Office for boundaries) and accepts enrolments from students living inside these boundaries for Years PP - 6.