Flinders Park Primary School is an Independent Public School that has a clear direction for the school, a strong focus on the early years, literacy and numeracy. The school prides itself in providing a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment for all children.

We aim to develop the Flinders student, as a Person, Learner and Community Member. We work hard at fostering positive partnerships between parents, teachers and students to set up the best conditions for your child (ren) to gain the essential learning required to achieve each child’s full potential.

The school’s catchment area is extensive, stretching from Takenup in the north to Nanarup in the east. It also includes the large intake areas of Lower King and Bayonet Head. Therefore, within our catchment we have students from suburban, semi-rural and rural environments.

We have a diverse range of families in terms of socio/economic status, life style and employment positions. We have students who can walk to school while as many as 180 have to catch school buses.

In recent years we have seen a change in the socio-economic and cultural background of many of our incoming students. We acknowledge this growing diversity and aim to cater for this change through teaching adjustments.

We understand our community expects the students to be given the opportunity to explore their capacities across a very broad curriculum so we expect the students to be engaged in a full range of activities and programs that take in academic, social, emotional, creative and physical needs.

We also recognize that technology, problem solving and team work skills are essential for modern students.