The Grounds Committee meets twice every term and consists of parents and staff members. It is a creative group that works hard to ensure Flinders Park Primary is a safe, practical and attractive place to be.


The Grounds Committee has undertaken the following guiding principles to determine developments:

  • Areas that augment learning centres take priority.
  • Workmanship should be of the highest quality and there will be no “corner cutting.”
  • Department policies on safety and welfare are adhered to.
  • Planning is effectively conducted.
  • Building, Maintenance and Works (BMW) guidelines are followed.
  • Equity for all students.
  • All project costs will be accurately estimated and assessed before works are undertaken.
  • Beautification projects should be included to enhance the school environment for health and wellbeing purposes.
  • Where possible sources of funding outside the school and P and C will be used.
  • The school and the P and C will financially assist in completing the plan.

Planning Process

  • The Committee will develop 3 year plan after consultation with all stakeholders. 
  • The plans will be available to all stakeholders.
  • The plans will incorporate all areas of the school and will include both grounds and facilities.
  • Plans are to be ratified by the School Board.
  • The Committee will ensure there is ongoing monitoring of projects.